What will $25,000 get you at Tiesto’s New Years Eve 2010 in Miami?

Tiesto is ringing in the New Year with a three-hour poolside set at the historic resort. And for just $25,000, you and your pookiehead posse can reserve the Magnum stage-side table.

Question: What exactly does it get you?

Answer: Mad notoriety, a shit-ton of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, and 10 VIP wristbands that figuratively scream, “Happy New Year! I’m effing rich!”

If, however, you can’t swing an entire year’s salary, don’t stress, just go for the baller-on-a-budget option: a $450 ticket that gets you in the door, an open bar from 9 p.m. till midnight, and a sweet Facebook photo album.

Still not convinced that welcoming 2011 poolside from 4441 Collins is worth a bag of money? Look, an evening with Tiësto at the Fontainebleau is better than your sister-in-law’s karaoke party.

Treat yourself to a dope NYE fest and say, “Goodbye 2010! Hello future!” in true 305-style … By defaulting on your home loan.

Tiësto. Fontainebleau, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party begins at 9 p.m., and tickets cost $450 to $25,000 via fbnye.snaptickets.com. Call 305-538-2000 or visit fontainebleau.com.

  • General Admission – $450
  • VIP Table for 6 – $4200
  • VIP Table for 8 – $5250
  • VIP Table for 10 – $6750
  • Poolside VIP Table for 6 – $4250
  • Poolside VIP Table for 8 – $6250
  • Poolside Bed for 10 – $7500
  • VIP Bed – $7750
  • Poolside Cabana for 15 – $15000
  • VIP Lawn Cabana – $10000
  • Raised Pods for 10 – $8500
  • Oasis Cabana – $9125
  • Grand Oasis Cabana – $25000
  • Magnum Stageside Table – $25000

Source: MiamiNewsTimes

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