Tiesto’s Top 10 favourite venues to spin the tables!

Tiesto performs all around the world, almost daily you would think, so after all these years he was asked what his Top 10 favourite venues are at this moment:

#10 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

“One of Australia’s most famous concert halls, the Hordern Pavilion blows my mind every time I play there. Australians are certainly in the front of the race for world’s most energetic party-goers and it shows when you get behind the decks in front of nearly 10,000 of them all screaming their heads off for each song you play. The venue itself is amazing and it allows for all the great production I bring to my shows, but at the end of the day what sets this venue apart is the unending energy of the fans inside.”

#9 Autódromo de la Ciudad, Buenos Aires

“What is naturally a race track doubles as one of my favourite venues in the world. I had the opportunity to play here just over a month ago and was really taken aback at how they could transform this raceway into one of the most high-tech and beautiful places to play music I have ever seen.

“Not to mention the crowd was packed with beautiful people who wanted nothing more than to dance the night away with me. These people love music and love to party, I felt truly in my element.”

#8 Victoria Park, London

“I have a soft spot in my heart for Victoria Park in London. In 2009 I played my first show there to a sold out crowd of 25,000 and it blew my mind. Last year I played it again and even brought out some other big names and some added tents to give it more a festival feel and the energy was even bigger.

“Victoria Park hits the top 10 not only for its sheer size and the fanaticism of the crowd, but because in a beautiful way I am starting to feel like I had a small part in making this one of the best venues for dance music in the world.”

#7 Hipodromo de las Americas, Mexico City

“I played at Hipodromo de las Americas early in my ‘Kaleidoscope’ World Tour and have always thought back to that performance as one of the highlights of the tour. Mexico City in general is an amazing place with amazing people who could rival any other city as some of the most energetic party-goers in the world.

“Now imagine packing 50,000 of the most energetic people in the city into one place and you have have Hipodromo de las Americas. It’s almost impossible to describe, you really have to see if for yourself.”

#6 Parken, Copenhagen

“Parken Stadium is one of the greatest places to play a show and the Danish fans are some of the most amazing party-goers in the world. I remember playing a show here for my Elements Of Life DVD and when I hit the stage to 50,000 screaming fans I was absolutely floored. This is the kind of place you can play for five hours and everyone in the place is dancing straight through… I love it!”

#5 Ultra Music Festival, Miami

“This is a festival I have seen grow over the years and every year it gets bigger and better. This year there were 50,000 screaming fans in front of me while I played and the crowd was absolutely electric. It’s an amazing feeling playing a show this big right in the heart of Miami and as the crowds get bigger each year so does the production. This year, UMF had all the latest technologies at hand and the stage set-up was otherworldly. This is definitely a party everyone should see.”

#4 Queensday at Museumplein, Amsterdam

“What can I say? Playing to countless thousands of my countrymen while hundreds or thousands of others are partying in the streets around me is like a dream come true. I try to play Queensday in Amsterdam every year as I know it’s going to be one of the best parties in the world.”

#3 LIV, Miami

“While this may be the smallest venue I’ve chosen for my top 10, it has no doubt earned a right to be here. LIV has been around since the ‘50s and has had stars like Frank Sinatra perform there. It is an absolutely beautiful club with high ceilings, an incredible sound system, and is always full of beautiful people. With all the high-tech features you never forget that there is always a sense of history you have to maintain when playing this club. It’s epic!”

#2 Privilege, Ibiza

“An entire island based around dance music. What could be better? Amazing weather, beautiful scenery and the biggest dance club in the world. My residencies here have been astounding and it’s always the place I debut new production and lots of new tracks. Ibiza is like my home away from home every summer.”

#1 The Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

“This is one of the most high-tech venues I have ever played. The sound system they have installed is mind-blowing and everything that has been built to accommodate my show’s production is incredible. The production for my 2011 residency is insane, and with nearly 4,000 fans packing it out every time I play the energy is through the roof. Vegas is quickly becoming another must-play DJ destination and The Joint is the hottest club in the city.”

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