Tiesto: I’m very Keane on Tom…

UK 15-09-2009,

KEANE frontman TOM CHAPLIN has forged an unlikely friendship with Dutch DJ TIESTO.

The rocker hooked up with the trance star on the White Isle this summer after attending one of his weekly sets at Privilege nightclub.

Tiesto told The Sun: “I get a lot of celebrities coming along to my shows, soccer players, singers and models.

“When Tom was in Ibiza he came along. All the band did actually.

“Tom is a really nice guy.

“I love my quirky indie music and found him very interesting.

“It might sound odd coming from a DJ but I am really into rock.

“A year ago I kind of lost the buzz of DJ’ing.

“I broke off my engagement to my fiancee and was feeling a bit low.

“But finding other interests has inspired me again.

“I like Keane and also the KLAXONS.”

He added he might see Tom later this summer:

Tiesto said: “I will invite him to come to my closing party.”

“I always invite the artists who play at Ibiza rocks because it is the day after my Monday set and they are usually in town.

“I play in six different countries a week but on Tuesday it is my day off.

“I always try and head to Ibiza Rocks.”

Tiesto – named the world’s No.1 DJ by Mixmag – has been a revelation in Ibiza this summer, sending hoards of clubbers into a sweaty frenzy with his with his euphoric brand of dance.

No expense is spared with the 40-year-old’s live shows.

As well as mixing anything from BRITNEY SPEARS to THE KILLERS to JOSE GONZALEZ, the Dutch star also co-ordinates a stunning lightshow.

Chatting backstage, he said: “It’s a huge show with lots of lazers. Very spectacular.

“I reckon I’m getting better all the time.

“The crowds here are great.”

Ibiza aside, Tiesto says his summer highlight has been playing in London’s Victoria Park in July.

“Without a doubt,” he quipped.

“The British fans are amazing. It was great to be in London and be the first DJ to ever have a concert in Victoria Park.”

Former UK Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has also seen Tiesto play live.

“I played for him at the Olympic Games in Athens.

“I have played for SEAL, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, PRINCE and HEIDI KLUM in the past,but Tony is probably the most famous.

He added: “Heidi is so beautiful. Probably the most beautiful woman ever.”

But while many DJ’s have a colourful reputation with the ladies, Tiesto says he’s very happy with his single status.

“They say men think about sex every ten seconds,” he said.

“Well that doesn’t happen with me.

“When I’m DJ’ing I just forget about everything else. I’m just focused on the music.

“When I finish with my set I might then think about the women,” he says with a wry smile.

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Source: The Sun

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