Tiesto has been cleared of plagiarism in a Dutch case

DJ Tiesto from Breda and his Elements of Life track from 2007 does not infringe the copyright of the song that DJ Michiel de Jong made. The court in Breda has cleared Tiesto from the allegations in the case that the DJ from Limburg (NL) had brought to his famous colleague.

Tiësto receives no compensation because there is no evidence that his reputation has been affected by the unsubstantiated allegations, the court also specified.

Michiel de Jong says that in 2003 a demo of his song Swiwal was sent to the record company of Tiesto (Blackhole Recordings). Michiel de Jong says that the melody of this song wase used in Tiesto –  Elements of Life.

The court in Breda concludes that the show schedule of eight measures also appears in a classical piece by the English composer George Frideric Handel, a German descent from the early Eighteenth Century. So this work belongs to the public domain and is not protected by any copyrights.

Lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz of Michiel de Jong believes that the court concluded that the decision that the work of his client is not protected, has not received a substantive assessment. He sees some opportunities for an appeal but he has not made a final decision about that.

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