Tiesto doesn’t know what to do with his spare time

Tiësto is so busy with his work that he has no idea what to do when he is free. The world famous Brabander will soon have a long holiday for the first time in ages.

Tijs gets, as the DJ actually called, the entire month of January 2011 free “For the first time in years,” says Tiësto.

“And I have no idea what I will do. When I’m free for four days I do not know what I have to do in my spare time.” The DJ says he’s quickly bored if he does not have to work.

Tiësto has just had a busy summer of touring. “I am now more relaxed, but still have a lot of studio work.” The DJ says, himself visits gigs if he does not have to work. “If I am in Ibiza and I’m free, I always go out.” Tiësto likes visiting DJs that play something else than himself. “I’m really happy for example to visit Carl Cox.”

That is what the 41-year Verwest is doing to get some new inspiration. “But also to just listen to some other stuff.” Before he pinches a month break, Verwest still touring the United States and Australia.

Because of his busy life, according to the DJ almost impossible to maintain a relationship. Tiësto prefers to stay single. “After my last relationship, I decided I’d better only continue. That’s a lot easier.”

Source: Nu.nl

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