Tiesto announced new mix album series: ‘A New Dawn’

Tiesto has announced his new mix album series ‘A New Dawn’

Following his extremely successful ‘In Search of Sunrise’ series, he has created this new beginning with his own label ‘Musical Freedom’ after deciding to head in a different direction from ‘Black Hole Recordings’ last year.

Tiesto said, “Having taken the ISOS series as far as I could, I felt it was time to leave the past behind and come with something fresh and new. ISOS was an incredible journey for me, but as my music taste evolved, I wanted my DJ mix compilation to evolve with it. Black Hole plans to release another ISOS album, but to be very clear, I will not be involved in any way. I sold my part of the company to Arny Bink and have no involvement or benefits of Black Hole Recordings.”

When talking about his new mix album series, he said, “The mix album has always been a very important part of my artistic expression as a DJ and I wanted to come with something really special that pushes the boundaries once again for what this format can be. As I continue to explore and develop as an artist and DJ, I am constantly inspired by those around me and the other artists I meet. I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Get excited Tiesto fans, the new mix album series will be around this Autumn.

Source: Mixmag

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