Q&A with Tiësto – Interview from Westerngazette.ca

London is becoming a hot spot for some of the world’s biggest DJs. What makes you excited about playing at the John Labatt Centre?
That’s exactly why I’m excited—I get to play the biggest venue in a city that’s got so much passion and energy for electronic music. It’s going to be epic.

Why do you think your music is successful with students?
Electronic music has grown over the past few years—you only need to listen to mainstream radio to hear that. These college students have been exposed to this and now they’re aware of how fun it can be. This young generation is looking to have a good time, all the time.

You’ve collaborated with a range of artists from Diplo to Tegan & Sara. What qualities do you look for in a collaborator?
I look for someone that I know can produce something great with me. They don’t have to be the most popular artist at that time, but they do have to have some sort of amazing quality to their music that I think will work well with what I do.

You hosted a contest offering fans the opportunity to remix your new track, “Work Hard, Play Hard” and to have the track released on your Musical Freedom label. What makes a remix a full-blown hit?
It has to really show the passion of the person who is remixing the track. A remix is that artist’s interpretation of someone else’s music, so as long as they can express themselves in their interpretation then the remix has a chance to be a hit.

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