Joker feat. Silas – Here Come the Lights (Tiesto Remix)

Bristol, England-based dubstep producer Joker is set to release debut album The Vision on November 8 via 4AD. But Joker, aka Liam McLean, is teasing the album whole bunch of singles, including a just-issued double A-side featuring new songs “Here Come the Lights” and “My Trance Girl.” Now comes a remix of “Here Come the Lights” by Dutch mega-DJ Tiësto. Hear it here.

“Here Come the Lights” features R&B-tinged vocals by Silas Bjerregaard of Danish synth-rockers Turboweekend. In its original version, the track is choppy, moody dubstep, with the requisite bass-wobbling and plenty of eerie electronic squiggles. Tiësto’s remix adds a pounding house beat, reshaping the track to send bigger audiences into frenzies.

Listen to Joker feat. Silas – Here Come the Lights (Tiesto Remix) here:

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