Jagermeister is the big sponsor of Tiesto’s Canadian Tour 2011

Since it it known that Tiesto and his crew are crazy about Jagermeister, and especially the Jagermeister machine, Jagermeister must have thought, we can do some interesting things with that knowledge.

Put this Jagermeister Machine next to a refrigerator full of red bull and get ready to have the biggest Jagerbomb party of your life. Refrigerated Jagermeister Machine holds and chills up to three one liter or 750 ML bottles of Jägermeister to 10 degrees F.

So they thought about sponsoring the Canadian tour of Tiesto in 2011 and they did. Tiesto is travelling al around Canada in 2011 to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

Promo video Jagermeister and the Tiesto Canadian Tour 2011:

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