Download Tiesto livesets from 1998

Tiesto’s livesets have made him famous in the last 12 years, or at least made him famous faster than ever possible from the beginning in 1998 when the first livesets appeared on the internet.

In the late nineties many of his livesets were broadcasted without problems but the last few years there are many restrictions before the liveset can be broadcasted on the radio or internet and therefore not many can be found anymore. Nowadays sometimes they appear on the net mostly illegal and are most of the time even cut in pieces due to copyright issues.

Here you can find a nice collection of the Tiesto Livesets that I found from 1998. As far is I know they are verified as real and cannot be marked as rebroadcast or fake. (there are a lot fakes ones to find on the internet, check for more info) presents to you the real 1998 Tiesto Livesets list as a download:

Download Tiesto livesets from 1998

1998 Liveset list:

  • 1998-03-13 — Live @ The DJs, TMF – Bussum, NL [18:57] (Video)
  • 1998-09-05 — Live @ Dance Department [108:52]
  • 1998-11-14 — Live @ Dance Department [55:08]
  • 1998-12-12 — Live @ Dance Department [54:58] (please mail me if you have this one)

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