Dj Tiesto Forbidden Paradise Series and the Guardian Angel label


In 1994/1995 the first two in the series of Forbidden Paradise were released under Trashcan Records mixed by Arny Bink.

For the third in the series, the guys at Basic Beat had established their own record label Guardian Angel which they used to put out the ForbiddenParadise & Lost Treasures series’ – including vinyls of the tracks off the album like the formula today with for example the In Search Of Sunrise series.

Tiesto started to mix them then, Forbidden Paradise 3-7 and Lost Treasures 1-3 from 1995 till 1997.

In 1997 when Tiesto & Arny formed Black Hole Recordings and broke away from Basic Beat they also started a the famous Magik series (where they created the ‘MaGik sound’), while the guys at Basic Beat continued with Forbidden PAradise without them. Doc Fabian took over and thee last Forbidden Paradise (number 11) was released in 2001.

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