Dj Tiesto aliases

Tiësto has produced and remixed under a lot of aliases. Most of them are probably not known by the common Tiësto fans. Each alias stand for a different style of music like  T-scanner is from the hardcore period and Allure is still used for more trancy productions with (sometimes) vocals. Nonetheless all the aliases are pretty interesting and surprising. There is a good chance there are songs that you know as they are and are produced by Tiesto. Some of the aliases also stand for collaborations with other Dj’s or producers.

Here a list of the known Dj Tiesto aliases:

  1. A3 (With Ahmet Buyukkafali).
  2. Alibi (With Armin van Buuren).
  3. Allure (With Cor Fijneman).
  4. Andante (With Arny Bink).
  5. Carlos (With Benno de Goeij & Piet Bervoets).
  6. Clear View (With S. Van Gravesande).
  7. Control Freaks (With Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij).
  8. Da Joker.
  9. Drumfire.
  10. Glycerine (With Maikel van ’t Hof, Yves Vandichel).
  11. Gouryella (With Ferry Corsten).
  12. Hammock Brothers (With Cor Fijneman).
  13. Hard Target (With Greg van ’s Gravesande).
  14. Jedidja (With Denis Waakop-Reijers).
  15. Kamaya Painters (With Benno de Goeij).
  16. DJ Maikel (With Maikel van ’t Hof).
  17. Major League (With Armin van Buuren).
  18. Dj Misjal (With Misja Hesloot).
  19. Dj Limited (With Rob Verhoeven).
  20. Paradise in Dubs.
  21. Passenger.
  22. Roze.
  23. Stray Dog.
  24. Steve Forte Rio (With Denis Waakop-Reijers) (Anagram for ‘Tiesto Forever’).
  25. TB X-press
  26. Dj Tiësto. (Till 2003 With Denis Waakop-Reijers & Hans-Willem Mallon).
  27. Tiësto (from 2003 With Denis Waakop-Reijers).
  28. T-Scanner.
  29. Tijs, Storm & Montana (With Greg van ’s Gravesande & Ahmet Buyukkafani).
  30. Tom Ace.
  31. Vimana (With Ferry Corsten).
  32. West & Storm (With S. Van Gravesande).
  33. Wildbunch.
  34. DJ Yves (With Yves Vandichel).
  35. DJ Yves & DJ Maikel (With Maikel van ’t Hof, Yves Vandichel).
  36. DJ Yves & Two Deejays (With Maikel van ’t Hof, Yves Vandichel).

For more detailed info visit Tiesto Tracklists forum.

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  1. What about Motorcycle? Motorcycle is Tiesto with Jes I believe

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  2. lack
    this alias!!! Boys Will Be Boys (Tiesto Angger Dimas and Showtek).

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  3. “Major league” along with Armin is missing!

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