Could this be the final proof: Tiesto = Steve Forte Rio?

Ok, there are numerous rumors going on for years now that Tiesto = Steve Forte Rio. It could easily be the anagram of ‘Tiesto Forever’.

Now that it has never been officially leaked out that it is so and since nobody really knows what’s going on there is maybe finally is now a little bit of proof. Since Steve Forte Rio has his own Facebook and ofcourse there’s a profile pic there is something curious about it. There’s a person on it unrecognizable and there’s a car and plane. Now the car just looks like it’s (almost) the same like we have seen before and the plane also looks like one of Tiesto’s private jets. I also see some sunglasses and jacket that look the same as the pic below. I predict for 2011: Steve Forte Rio will reveal he’s Tiesto 🙂

Check the Facebook profile here >>

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  1. spotted by me! 😉

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  2. But steve forte rio IS tiesto….It has never been any doubt about this!The only doubt was about the fact of whether steve forte rio was an anagram of tiesto forever or not. About this point, tiesto himself, in an interview said that he want to maintain a bit of mistery ( and then he smiled).

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