Allure is not Tiesto anymore, there’s a new face: Allure Live

Following the release of Allure’s ‘Kiss From The Past’ album on June 13th, the internet rumour mill went into overdrive. Allure was back… and how! An entire artist album, distributed in over 30 countries with no less than 14 new trance tracks featuring familiar Allure vocalists, including Christian Burns, JES and Emma Hewitt.

Tiësto’s tweet “Listen to my @allurelive project which I am involved in” further fuelled the already piping hot forums. As hinted at the legendary producer – who has been involved with Allure since day one – was passing the torch to another.

Now serving as the project’s Executive Producer, Tiësto will be taking a backseat as the project moves into a new, exciting phase.

On the 8th of August 2011, 10.000 party peoplewere lucky enough to get tickets for Tiësto’s Club Life night and saw ‘Kiss From The Past’ become not its swansong, but its transitional baton pass. At Privilege, Ibiza a silhouette stepped out from behind the curtain into the DJ-booth and spotlights introduced a new face to the crowd. That DJ proceeded to fill the biggest club in the world with rapturous trance music. Allure – a new live-act – had been born and his debut at Privilege was his ‘Hello’ to trance devotees all around the globe… For those that weren’t there, you can see exactly how that went down by checking the special video of the moment here: For those that were, time to relive the excitement of the night again!

Ever since the very first release in 1998, Tijs Verwest along with others have been involved in the project. But as his artist career has evolved taking him in new exciting directions, he wanted to thank all those who had supported the Allure project, and step aside and allow a new generation to emerge. The guy behind the decks is the one to watch from now on. Stepping out from thedark into the bright laser lights, he is ready to conquer the world and allure you into his world of angelic sounds, mesmerizing melodies and captivating beats. You will see and hear more of him soon. Very soon! Sealed with a kiss from the past and with the future at his feet: trance family, please welcome Allure!


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  1. no puede ser casi va pasar lo mismo como paso con isos 8 que se paso a otro y tambien ase trance bueno pero no va ser lo mismo que tiesto en fin arriba el trance

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  2. I didn’t get it…just one question…does allure continue in blackhole?

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  3. Damn. Tijs, tell my why?;(

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  4. What’s the name of the songs in the video?

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  5. What remix of “On The Wire” is in the video?

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  6. So, who is the new dude then? What’s the name?!

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